“I resisted the idea to hire a speaking coach because writers don’t speak, they write. But Jill helped me bring my inner writing voice to the spoken surface, to help me share it freely and comfortably from a stage. The was both a huge revelation and transition — it felt like I had learned a new language, like that moment when you suddenly realize you can read a street sign in a foreign city. Learning to be comfortable with myself as as public voice was also a personal triumph, and I couldn’t have done it without Jill’s expert coaching.”

Ann Handley, Wall Street Journal best-selling author & Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

“I run many international startup events for women entrepreneurs and present a lot. Jill has been my go-to resource for when I speak. For my CNN interview, she helped me express distinct messages. Jill is a strong writer and listener on the audience’s behalf.”

Allyson Kapin, Cofounder, RAD Campaign; Founder, Women Who Tech + Women Startup Challenge; Founding Partner, W Fund

“Jill’s presentation guidelines and exercises helped my sales and marketing team hone their speaking skills – as networkers, salespeople, and presenters. Thanks to her for the invaluable support and training!”

Joanna Pineda, Chief Troublemaker & CEO, Matrix Group International

“Jill’s expertise in helping speakers craft compelling stories is evidenced by her organized process and authoritative guidance. Plus her respectful nature and knack for capturing core messages ….. are significant reasons why I’ll use her speech guidance over the years to come.”

Stephanie Hay, Vice President of Design, Capital One & Founder, Taxes4Democracy

“Jill Foster is like a ‘Speaker Whisperer‘ who instills confidence mixed with honest, direct feedback….she zeroed in on what my issues were.”

Tinu Abayomi-Paul, Writer & Founder #EverywhereAccessible; Fellow, Hot Momma’s Project

Jill’s expertise changed how I approached presentations forever. I needed to create a short, high-impact message for a highly visible audience – a group of TEDx organizers at TED’s main stage. Her approach was eye-opening.”

Patrick Smith, Founder, Territory Foods

“I hired Jill to coach me when I was moderating a panel last year. Jill came to our coaching session fully prepared and offered insighful tips and advice on how to be a great moderator. She provided me with concrete suggestions for engaging the audience and panelists, how to gracefully transition between topics, and much more. I highly recommend her!“

Sacha Cohen, Founder, Grassfed Media

“Jill provided speech coaching for my TEDxPotomac talk, helping me articulate my ‘crowdsourced placemaking’ story for both local audiences and web viewers. I’ve not only found myself much more at ease at speaking since then, but I feel infinitely more confident explaining what I do now that my message is so well defined. A combination of Jill and speaking at TEDx will do that for you.”

Neil Takemoto, Founder, CSPM Group

“What an amazing experience it was working with Jill on my TEDx talk. She is a talented coach, editor, and writer. She always kept me focused on the audience’s experience: Did my message have enough context to be fully understood? Did my story lead to a clear, distinct TED idea? Jill was a strong source of encouragement and confidence along the way, which meant the world.”

Ekaterina Walter, Wall Street Journal best-selling author + ranked in top three of Forbe’s World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent

“I’ve learned quite a bit from Jill’s coaching, notably: how to become a real vessel for a message I care about. She has a specialized process that focuses on bridges, clarity, and repetition that really helped make my TEDxPeachtree speech as accessible as possible.”

Geoff Livingston, Photographer, Artist, & Entrepreneur

“Working with Jill allowed me to emphatically target the message I wanted to deliver. She was terrific at unearthing the key points for my opening and framing them optimally for a speech. The exercises we worked on were crucial in ensuring that I didn’t speak too quickly — I was surprised to see the video afterwards. For the first time, I wasn’t rushing through a speech. I would recommend Jill in a heartbeat.”

Rebecca Healy, Entrepreneur + Writer, Kontrary.com

Image Gossip by drip&ju, Creative Commons License