“Public speech is public power. The precision & nuance of what we say touch people. How powerful is that, it’s just so powerful how words can be our agents of social nearing in these scary times of social distance. We can hold every audience, every meeting, each gathering with unmistakable sense of hospitality, or rejection, with what we say.” JMF

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a suite of exercises & resources for anyone suffering from pervasive linguistic disfluencies and other articulation concerns that so often weaken speaker confidence — like those compulsive ums/uhs; hyper-fast speaking; vocal upticks; and more.

“Is perfection what your audience needs from you as their speaker? Not at all. Your audience needs honorable treatment which first means achieving your clarity of thought.

It means garnering your confidence to choose some messages over others and achieving sense of progression. It means building solidness so strong in your intended meaning that you allow yourself to relate with your audience through full presence of mind (insecure ego left in the distant back seat).

It means asking yourself over and over: Am I bringing something teachable? Do my assertions form an integrated sum? Do my ideas arrive at a relatable destination? And the juicy ownership piece: Am I unconditionally serving others with my perspective?

Jill M. Foster #liveyourtalk