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Four ways to help engage your growth as a public speaker

1 — Your Courage Convention — a collaborative coaching program to help you recognize or resurrect your confidence as a public voice.

2 — Your Sublime Story Structure — a collaborative coaching program to anchor your signature speech in a well-integrated progression, landing your audience at the desired marrow of your content.

3 — Your Panel Moderator Power — an independent learning product to enable you to lead, anticipate, and support your panelist team (for panel moderators hosting events either on or off Zoom).

4 — Your Fluid Fluency — an independent learning product to confront & conquer those irksome ‘ums & uhs’ and other energy distractions.

Learn more about the problems these services tackle below, and reach out my way anytime with questions or ideas at


an immersive coaching program on Zoom

Problem to solve: Placing fear at the center of your self-regard as a public speaker to the degree new experience and growth do not occur. A common secondary problem is assuming fear is a cemented or unusable trait when speaking in public.

Your time involvement: Four hours in one day with your coach + one preparatory hour pre-program

Your Courage Convention addresses concerns like:

  1. Can you help me with nervous outbursts? I can’t stand speaking in front of people. I have cried a few times shaking so bad on stage but want to try again.
  2. I received negative feedback a while ago that took the wind out of my sails. I don’t know how or if I want to present again but want to at least learn.
  3. In staff meetings when I am asked my opinion, I feel stupid. I prefer not to speak up. What could help that?
  4. I doubt I have enough expertise for an audience but want to figure it out. Could you help me with potential content themes and some messages?
  5. Can you help with reducing the ‘ums + uhs’? I say them a ton from being so scared.

What you gain from The Courage Convention

  • A Doubt-Disappointment-Trauma history assessment and learning objectives orientation, pre-program
  • Impromptu speech training based in experiential theatre and affirmation/feedback cycles
  • Breathing control work
  • Vocal speed and volume interval training
  • Linguistic physical exertion sets
  • Values-Insights-Expertise Message Audit and at least three storytelling themes + three core messages to help prepare for your next (or first!) talk
  • Storytelling & scene craft guide
  • A culminating video presentation
  • Your 60-day growth & project strategy, post-convention

Your Courage Convention investment $775.00


an immersive content coaching service for achieving high-impact storytelling for your next signature audience e.g. keynote; TED or TEDx; The Moth; Ignite or PechaKucha communities

Problem to solve: Disengaging your audience with unclear storytelling or messages that conflict with, delude, or confuse intended resonance.

Common secondary problem: Over-assuming passion or entertainment is the only needed takeaway for your listeners.

One more popular problem: Misunderstanding the oral ability of language vs the readability (as in the appeal we experience when reading a well-written word does not automatically translate when the same phrases are spoken aloud to our audience). 

Sublime Structure coaching addresses concerns like:

  1. I am overwhelmed by the talented audience that will hear me speak, and what they will think of my ideas. I need a seasoned creative partner and ally (You have both in me).
  2. I need creative support but also a constant grounding in my audience’s perspective. Do you provide a checklist or rubric of what I should always be striving for? 
  3. I like some of my message ideas but not others. But the ones I do like seem to contradict each other. Can you help?
  4. Where do I even start in choosing the right stories and anecdotes or persuasive data?
  5. Can you help me take an aerial view of my talk’s structural integrity? I feel like I’m taking the audience on a billion journeys. Now I’m confused on what is most important!
  6. How should I open?
  7. What transitions would make my storytelling sound more cohesive and integrated?
  8. How should I close?
  9. My ideas seem stiff and don’t sound like myself. Can you help improve the oral ability and naturalness of my storytelling?
  10. A trusted observer said my ideas come across as condescending. I just don’t see how. Can you help me notice it? Can you help ascertain other attitudinal risks in my presentation?

This particular coaching service is an immersive content collaboration involving two to five 90-minute coaching sessions (depending on your preference) — plus behind-the-scenes content testing and development by you independently with your coach’s ongoing e-support.

Plenty of e-communication and private video messaging occurs in between sessions for consistent creative affirmation and correction. It is worth noting this is an apt, awesome program if you have time to create and iterate well before you take the stage.

If your keynote is next week, this is not the program to best serve you.

Your Sublime Story Structure investment, including your time commitment, ranges from $775.00 to $2,300.00*

*Your selected number of in-person coaching sessions affects final fee amount.

Questions? Reach out anytime:

YOUR FLUID FLUENCY: independent learning product option

a video tutorial series with exercise/resource guide

Release date: July 10th 2020

Need help before then? Reach out for personal coaching options: 202 203 0255 or

Problem to solve: Pervading energy distractions like linguistic disfluencies a.k.a. ums, uhs, vocal upticks

Fluid Fluency addresses concerns like:

  1. Can you help me better control the ‘ums + uhs’?
  2. Can you help me slow down? I talk so fast it’s like my brain forgets how to punctuate.
  3. I move on stage in a hyper-bionic blur pacing all the time. Can you show me how to slow down and harness the energy?
  4. My voice rises at the end of an assertion which makes it sound like a question instead. Can you help with this uptick so I sound more confident?
  5. What about ongoing growth and preparation? Do you have a checklist or rubric of issues I should care about for my future talks?

Your Fluid Fluency investment $42.00

YOUR PANEL MODERATOR POWER: independent learning product option

a leadership toolkit with video orientation & story-crafting guide for panel moderators hosting events on or off Zoom.

Release date: July 10th 2020

Need support before then? Reach out for personal coaching options: 202 203 0255 or

Problem to solve: Moderating confused or disengaged panel events

Panel Power addresses concerns like:

  1. Many panel discussions I’ve attended are not very clear or engaged. I’m a first-time panel moderator wanting to serve the audience in a better way. Can your toolkit help?
  2. How do I prepare my panelists as the moderator for a 30 minute discussion? Or 60 minutes?
  3. How do I lead and organize an effective Zoom panel event? Or for an offline program?
  4. How can I influence coherent messaging for our audience (and provide concrete storytelling support to my other panelists without stepping on their pride but also being a needed sense of order)?
  5. What is an efficient way to establish content themes and questions for the panelists?
  6. How do I moderate dialogue in live-time to ensure the audience hears from each panelist? What about aggressive panelists and redirection methods?

Leadership toolkit includes:

  • Welcome orientation video (5m): an overview for achieving your core objective — to lead and support your panelist team, helping them to be as readied as possible for their audience.
  • Panel Moderator leadership task list — to help envision the big picture for your audience.
  • Line of questioning design tool — to develop + prioritize key themes, messages, & ultimate trajectory of questions for your audience.
  • Run-of-show template — to provide by-the-minute discussion flow, with timed constraints, once your questions are set.
  • Oral storytelling & scene-crafting guide — to utilize yourself, or share with your team as an added tool to shape relevant (and teachable) stories.
  • Dialogue management techniques — to help you as panel moderator assert effective facilitation, honoring your panel’s expertise while attaining an organized, engaged experience for your audience.
  • Cautions + resources if Zoom is your venue —to consider common concerns experienced by presenters as they engage audiences more often via screens.
  • Support for your growth beyond panel moderation — to always have inspiration + a speech preparation checklist as you get ready for future audiences on your next (or very first!) solo-stage.  

Your Panel Power investment $42.00

What about a vision for you as a public voice?

From the vantage point of wanting to honor your uniqueness – I will withhold a full vision for growth until we officially meet eye-to-eye! Your needs to grow, and serve audiences will feed so much of how progress is defined for sure.

But I want to speak of vision from a perspective outside the bounds of a particular speaker’s need — and more within our shared capacity to relate as neighbors, citizens, professionals, community, successes, failures, survivors finding our way through Covid19.

Whether in bold or subtle ways, we are surrounded by uncertainty. We are engulfed in a world that has always been shifting but the virus has brought an intensified language of unfairness and fear to our society’s inevitable shifts.

So whether we ever meet or not, my vision for you is that you find solace from language; that you garner restraint to not say the words that cause more fear or severance, but give the ones that propel wisdom, utility; reparation, mercy. I hope you can live your talk this way.

…and lastly that you talk to others (and receive them) in the certainty that even just one well-chosen word can activate lasting encouragement.

“Is perfection what your audience needs from you as their speaker? Not at all. Your audience needs honorable treatment which first means achieving your clarity of thought.

It means garnering your confidence to choose some messages over others and achieving sense of progression. It means building solidness so strong in your intended meaning that you allow yourself to relate with your audience through full presence of mind (insecure ego left in the distant back seat).

It means asking yourself over and over: Am I bringing something teachable? Do my assertions form an integrated sum? Do my ideas arrive at a relatable destination? And the juicy ownership piece: Am I unconditionally serving others with my perspective?

Jill M. Foster #liveyourtalk

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