“Whether we ever meet or not, my vision for you is that you always find solace + joy from our marvelous language; that you garner restraint to not say the words that cause more fear or severance, but give the ones that propel wisdom, utility, reparation, mercy. I hope you can live your talk this way.” JMF.

Service: Your Courage Convention

A collaborative coaching program to help you recognize and harness your confidence as an emerging public voice.

Your Courage Convention looks fear square in the face through an intense, affirming coached dynamic tackling these concerns:

  • “How can I be more confident as a speaker?”
  • “How can I even learn speaking skill when I am so afraid?”
  • “I received negative feedback from audiences a while ago and just haven’t said yes to chances to speaking since. Can you help resurrect my confidence?
  • “Can you make my brain stop freezing-up when I get asked a question at the staff meeting?“
  • “I’m tired of fear being at the center of my self-regard as a presenter. What can I do?”

What you receive is a one-on-one layered practicum with a seasoned speaker coach all at a safe social distance (four hours on Zoom plus one preparatory hour pre-session).

Updates coming soon! Reach out to Jill@liveyourtalk anytime with questions.

Service: Your Sublime Story Structure

An immersive oral storytelling program for your high-impact talks that lands your audience at the desired marrow of your content.

E.g. a suite of keynotes inspired by your lifelong advocacy or new book; your dream TED or TEDx community; Ignite, PechaKucha, or lightning round talks.

Updates coming soon! Reach out to Jill@liveyourtalk anytime with questions.

Images Cassiopeia’s Garden (top) and A Life with No Name (second below) by Patrice-Photographiste, Creative Commons License

“What an amazing experience it was working with Jill on my TEDx talk. She is a talented coach, editor, and writer. She always kept me focused on the audience’s experienceDid my message have enough context to be fully understood? Did my story lead to a clear, distinct TED idea? Jill was a strong source of encouragement and confidence along the way, which meant the world.”

Ekaterina Walter, Wall Street Journal best-selling author + ranked in top three of Forbe’s World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent