Shape your verve, nerve, and impact as a public speaker.

Get the good stuff first like how to get message-strong (on or off Zoom!) for your first speech or facilitation, or next keynote, TED talk, & panel; how to resurrect your courage & overcome common ‘uh um’ concerns; plus ways to make your stories bust wide open with well-landed substance.


Big hello to you!

I (Jill F) help you live your -best- talk as a seasoned-n-sassy speaker coach, along with e-guides and video tutorials.

Other good souls I’ve helped (gifted like you & just the right amount of sass):

  • The social advocate creating deeper community through storytelling strength;
  • The entrepreneur hunting for scope & precision for their first TED talk, on the brand’s original California platform;
  • The expert who wants to get their thought leadership clear, strong, & shareable through video;
  • The author who needs a signature talk based on her new book.
  • The professional who is gut-sure her voice can benefit others (but still feels stuck).

“I resisted the idea to hire a speaking coach because writers don’t speak, they write. But Jill with LiveYourTalk helped me bring my inner writing voice to the spoken surface, to help me share it freely and comfortably from a stage. …I couldn’t have done it without Jill’s expert coaching.”

Ann Handley
Wall Street Journal best-selling author /
Chief Content Officer