ann-handley-headshot ann photoAnn Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs; co-author of the award-winning book Content Rules “I resisted the idea to hire a speaking coach because writers don’t speak, they write. But Jill helped me bring my inner writing voice to the spoken surface, to help me share it freely and comfortably from a stage. This was both a huge revelation and transition — it felt like I had learned a new language, like that moment when you suddenly realize you can read a street sign in a foreign city. Learning to be comfortable with myself as a public voice was also a personal triumph, and I couldn’t have done it without Jill’s expert coaching.”

Geoff Head Shot deuxKeynote and TEDx speaker, marketing strategist, and author Geoff Livingston “It was an interesting writing and learning experience working with Jill, and I’ve learned quite a bit from her coaching, notably: how to become a real vessel for a message I care about. Jill has a specialized process that focuses on bridges, clarity, and repetition to make sure points are delivered well orally. That really helped make my TEDxPeachtree speech as accessible as possible.”

Ekaterina Walter pic photoEkaterina Walter, social media strategist, Intel
“What an amazing experience it was working with Jill on my TEDx talk! She is a talented coach, editor, and writer all in one. Not only did she turn my emotional roller coaster of a personal story into a well-structured and purposeful narrative, but she also helped make the story much stronger with high-impact editing. She always though kept us focused on the audience’s experience. Did my message have enough context to be fully understood? Did my story lead the audience to a clear and distinct TED idea? These were key questions that Jill’s expertise guided me through. She was a strong source of encouragement and confidence along the way which meant the world. I would work with Jill again in a heartbeat, especially on big projects like the TED/TEDx brand.”

patrick-high-contrast-bw-sq-sm_reasonably_smallPatrick Smith, partner – ClaimAway; community organizer – DC Lean Startup Circle ~ “I retained Jill for an intense tight-deadline session of crash speech coaching. I needed to create a short, authentic, high-impact message for a highly visible brand & audience in the world of storytelling – TEDx organizers at TED (2011). Jill’s expertise was eye-opening. It changed how I approach presentations forever.”

225066_9621790391_840340391_395403_6179_nAllyson Kapin, founder, WomenWhoTech Telesummit and RAD Campaign ~”I run an international event involving women in technology and present a lot. Jill has been my go-to resource for when I speak. For my CNN broadcast interview, she was fantastic. Jill’s technique helped me focus and express distinct messages. She’s a good writer and editor with a strong ear for listening on the audience’s behalf.”


Jen Consalvo, COO and co-editor of TECHcocktail, co-founder of Startup Mixology & Digital Capital Week ~ “I often speak about social media and tech startups. Jill’s critique was the best feedback ever (she gave it in such a sensitive and warm way). Her suggestions resonated a lot and were very specific.”

Ryan HealyRyan Healy co-founder & COO Brazen Careerist
“Jill helped me tremendously in my preparation for a speech about lean start ups. Her advice on delivery, practice, content, and even my slide deck were invaluable.  She was highly engaged in my success from the start. I highly recommend Jill as a coach, an editor, and an overall great person to work with. I know I will work with her again!”

Lisa Byrne head shot BarHarbor Lisa Byrne Zawacki is co-founder of DC Wine Week. “I enrolled in LiveYourTalk’s public speaker bootcamp hosted by Jill Foster. Thanks to her for her expert time and attention, above and beyond as always. It was exhausting yet exhilarating. In one intensive afternoon, we (the other two bootcampers and myself) took turns to stand in the spotlight — a space none of us were comfortable in — and talk through realistic conversation topics and questions relevant to each of our chosen professions (while my friends and Jill gave welcome feedback). We learned techniques, both mental and physical, identified bad habits, challenged ourselves with a video project, and faced fear. Jill also armed us with ‘idea kits’ and resource guides. What has also helped me develop as a speaker is forcing myself to do video blogs and short Socialcam clips – more super advice from Jill.”

Neil TakemotoNeil Takemoto, CEO of CoolTown Beta Communities ~ “Jill provided speech coaching for my TEDxPotomac talk, helping me articulate my ‘crowdsourced placemaking’ story for both local audiences and web viewers. I’ve not only found myself much more at ease at speaking since then, but I feel infinitely more confident explaining what I do now that my message is so well defined. A combination of Jill and speaking at TEDx will do that for you.”

Author and speaker Tinu Abayomi-Paul, founder of Ask Tinu and editor for Women Grow Business ~ “Live Your Talk’s Jill Foster is like a ‘Speaker Whisperer’ who instills confidence mixed with honest, direct feedback. Probably the best bootcamp/workshop I’ve ever attended was her public speaker bootcamp, largely due to the intake beforehand. She zeroed in on what my issues were. And with the group setting, I learned from my peers too, but also didn’t feel like I had to be “on” all day. I feel like I could have left [the Live Your Talk bootcamp] and given a great presentation, with my nervous energy re-channeled into focus on my audience’s experience.”

Joanna Pineda headshot 3Joanna Pineda, Chief Troublemaker & CEO of award-winning Matrix Group International “Jill’s presentation guidelines and exercises helped my sales and marketing team hone their speaking skills – as networkers, salespeople, and presenters. Thanks to her for the invaluable support and training. So glad that we continue to collaborate on projects together!”

laughing-shayStephanie Hay, co-founder of FastCustomer “Jill’s expertise in helping speakers craft compelling stories is evidenced by her organized process, targeted counsel, authoritative guidance, positive honesty, and considerate feedback. Plus, her respectful nature and knack for capturing, articulating, and highlighting the core messages pivotal to delivering effective presentations are significant reasons why I’ll use her speech guidance services over the years to come.”

Rebecca Thorman
Entrepreneur, speaker, and Kontrary blogger Rebecca Thorman ~ “Working with Jill allowed me to emphatically target the message I wanted to deliver. She was terrific at unearthing the key points for my opening and framing those optimally for a speech. The exercises we worked on were also crucial in ensuring that I didn’t speak too quickly – I was surprised to see the video afterwards; for the first time, I wasn’t rushing through a speech. I would recommend Jill in a heartbeat.”

Melanie Spring, principal and project director, Sisarina ~ “I highly recommend Jill for her experience, integrity and amazing storytelling talent. I’m a singer, not a public speaker. I was asked to give a heart-felt speech at my church about finances, a very tough subject to speak about. I knew that a story was the only way to make it happen & Jill was the first person I thought of. She was very prompt, gave me incredible & positive feedback that helped me deliver the speech smashingly.”

SBcas2 2
Shonali Burke, founder of Shonali Burke Consulting; named in PRWeek’s coveted 40 Under 40 top ranked list for public relations professionals ~ “Jill’s keen awareness for how audiences process and interact with live storytelling improved my delivery for my IgniteDC speech. She’s an excellent writer and speaker herself who can translate those strengths to making strong content. She helped make my story arc more cohesive, all the while maintaining awareness for my own engagement style.”

Avi Kaplan, online community builder & activist; co-founder of Tweetsgiving ~ “Putting people at ease to express themselves is a big part of what I do to build community around social causes both on and offline. My opening remarks to my storytelling focused panel at the Nonprofit Technology Conference had to frame the discussion so panelists and audience alike were empowered to share their stories in a way that facilitated group learning. Jill Foster helped me to provide that critical framing in my own authentic, resonant voice. Her training was also invaluable to me in being an effective moderator amidst some really strong panelist voices.”

Image ‘Word of Mouthy’ by Austin Kleon, Creative Commons