Mind games and preparing for a TEDx talk

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Last week I spent time (great, wonderful time!) with the TEDx Princeton Library community, or @TEDxPrincetonPL on twitter, and keynoted their event supporting TEDWomen.

It’s been an ongoing meditative exercise since giving the TEDx talk last Tuesday…pondering questions like:

What worked while preparing for this TEDx talk?

…with a more vulnerable follow-up question: what was excruciatingly difficult to prepare (and why?!)?

There was a lot of pure nuts-n-bolts process to this speech; at the same time – it was one of the most fulfilling yet absolutely gut wrenchingly difficult speeches to deliver. Heck, not just deliver but to cull out.

For starters, there was a huge mental wrestling with the TED brand plus internal feuds with my ego; there were so many re-writes that it seemed moving to Alaska to instead cut wood for a living would be the best career move (…vs plugging along in what seemed a sea of obscurity in discerning a story arc); there were many brainstorms with speech coaches; there were unexpected decisions with slide decks.

Whew Nellie!

Some parts of this were expected but so many aspects of preparation I did not foresee.

And it all comes down to an unforeseen mind game where my perceptions of storytelling came head-to-head with the daunting TED brand.

It was all humbling and energizing all at once. Not to mention that through the whole experience, the patience of my husband was crystalized in renewed vibrance.

The recesses of my brain are sorting out core details to this strange, satisfying, wrestle-of-a-process. And I look forward to conveying more (and learning from your thoughts) in the next week.

In the meantime, what was your favorite TEDTalk from TEDWomen?

Image Mind Game by Claudio Schwarz, Creative Commons

You and yours: celebrate TEDWomen with TEDxPrincetonLibrary

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TEDx communities across the globe will convene independent programs in honor of TED’s first TEDWomen Conference (which will be held next week in Washington, DC); the speaker slate is dynamo to say the least.

Do you plan to attend DC’s event or a live streamed program of motivating discussions and ideas worth spreading?

A TEDx story and how the social web inspired introductions:
During this year’s WomenWhoTech Telesummit, I had the pleasure of meeting Janie Hermann on Twitter; Janie founded the TEDxPrincetonLibrary series and expressed interest in celebrating TEDWomen through a locally hosted program. She and her team then put ideas in motion!

I can’t wait to participate in a day of robust conversation at TEDxPrincetonLibrary’s event and present about the night’s timely theme: women and technology in the age of conversation.

The beautiful Princeton Library will host (where TEDWomen will be live streamed and discussed throughout December 7th and 8th).

This particular TEDx event (or @TEDxPrincetonPL on Twitter) will also include a lightning speaker round on 12/7th, showcasing tremendous business leaders Holly Landau, Katie DeVito, Hilary Morris, and Melissa Klepacki. Each will share how they cultivate socially aware brands.



…there’s more that night: the smooth, lyrical voice of Sara Donner will perform too.

Want to join us? Please do!

RSVP right here for a super meeting of the minds and enjoy the TEDWomen Conference via live stream. Participate in (and energize) discussions addressing how women and girls are reshaping the future. All this is complimentary to the public at TEDxPrincetonLibrary so please RSVP while seats last (there’s a small fee for dinner, should your appetite get inspired too).

Participating in the superhero-like TEDxPotomac this year with curator Michelle Hoffman created the most incredible memories.  I look forward to more ideas worth spreading at this TEDx next week.

If you had 18 minutes, what would be your one big idea to share?

Image Talk by HippyDream, Creative Commons