Learning to tell 100 second stories

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My mission this year: practice, practice, practice storytelling methods and pace!

Video storytelling – in 100 seconds or less – is a big part of that passion and mission. The personal goal this year is to have fun and publish (20) of these story-focused videos. I’m learning a lot with accessible, fun video tools on the iPhone (SocialCam and Vine) and iMovie (loving the audio-only content option when importing video). It’s all like a social content lab in the pocket, which has been exhilarating while testing different ways to assert stories clearly and more visually.

What’s been helpful this week to keep the video story under 100 seconds:

  • Establish three acts at least mentally before heading out onsite to record i.e. an intro of content, middle body of content, and outro of the short piece.
  • Allocate ranges of time for each of the three segments i.e. 30 to 35 seconds for intro; 50 to 55 seconds of second act storytelling with photos; and 5 to 10 seconds for the closing outro phrase. This may be too structured for future pieces. So far though, it provides useful, time-preserving structure .

My heart leans toward architecture, history, and photoblogging for this storytelling testing ground! Here’s a 100 second video post on the beauty (and agonizing history) of St. Matthew’s Cathedral.

What topic would compel you to share a 100 second story?

3 Comments on “Learning to tell 100 second stories”

  1. 1 Jim Long said at 11:45 pm on March 28th, 2013:

    Jill you are a warmly engaging, genuine, inspiring storyteller. Video is a WONDERFUL medium for you! I’m wondering if there is a medium that isn’t. It was so funny when Andrew Keen asked you “so you think you could come up here and do this?” and with a wry smile and NO hesitation, you responded “absloultley”. Clearly you can :)

  2. 2 jillfoster said at 1:28 pm on March 29th, 2013:

    JIM — Holy Smokes your thoughts are like a B12 shot to my spirit and mind! Thank you for this, and for bringing that fun memory back about Andrew Keen. At the time, I was stunned by his assertion! Thanks for sharing your confidence.

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